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In Another Time (Cantor)

I loved this book! Max and Hanna’s story was beautiful and sad … and again taught me new tidbits about history that I did not previously know.

Christy Awards 2020

The Christy Awards are given each year to Christian fiction novels to honor “novels of excellence, imagination, and creativity.”  The award has been given since 1999, and is named for Catherine Marshall’s novel, Christy. 

Paris Never Leaves You (Feldman)

I enjoyed this story. It’s a bit different than the other WWII novels that seem to be quite popular these days. This book jumps between occupied Paris and New York a few years later.

The Woman Before Wallis (Turnbull)

Many people have heard of Wallis Simpson, the woman King Edward VIII couldn’t live without and ultimately abdicated the throne for, but few have probably heard the story of the woman he loved before he met Wallis. This novel is a fictionalized story of Lady Thelma {Morgan} Furness — the woman before Wallis.

More Than Words Can Say (Witemeyer)

If you enjoyed Evangaline’s story in “More Than Meets the Eye” you’ll definitely want to read this next installment in the Patchwork Family series to hear Zach’s story!

The Thief of Blackfriars Lane (Griep)

Jackson Forge is a newly minted constable in Victorian London, England on his first day to work when he gets swindled by a lovely woman (Kit Turner) and her young side-kick. Various events lead him to end up having to join forces with Kit Turner to find out where several missing individuals have gone.

Catching Christmas

This was a nice “feel-good” story, that at times was almost a tear-jerker! I did enjoy listening to it, and it did a great job of reminding the reader to always be mindful of what is really important in life!!

Beauty Among Ruins (Ciesielski)

A wonderful story of a young woman trying to grow up and find her own way in the world despite the fact that what she wants out of life, isn’t in line with what her parents think she should want, as a young debutante in America.

2020 Carol Awards

The Carol Awards have been given each year since 2002 to recognize the best Christian fiction published in the previous calendar year.

Middlemarch (Eliot)

I think fans of Jane Austen would enjoy Middlemarch by George Eliot. (confession time … I only recently learned that George Eliot is a pseudonym for a woman, Mary Ann Evans, #ThingsIFeelLikeIShouldHaveLearnedInHighSchoolButDidn’t).

A Dance in Donegal (Deibel)

Moira Doherty decides to fulfill her mother’s wish and move to Ireland, her mother’s homeland, and become a teacher in her mother’s home village. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s going to be met with suspicion and a hint of family scandal.

The Lost Manuscript (Bonidan)

While staying on the Brittany coast of France, Anne-Lise finds a manuscript in her hotel room night stand. She reads it and loves it.