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For a Lifetime (Gabrielle Meyer)

Identical twin sisters Grace and Hope are time-crossers who simultaneously live in 1692, as daughters of a tavern owner during the Salem Witch Trials, and in 1912, as an aviatrix and a journalist. As their twenty-fifth birthday approaches, they will each have to choose one life to keep and one to leave behind forever -- no matter the cost.

National Poetry Month

Celebrate National Poetry Month by reading some of our favorites OR by checking out a book that might inspire you to write some of your very own!

The Atlas of Us (Dwyer)

Atlas James has lost her way. In a last-ditch effort to pull her life together, she’s working on a community service program rehabbing trails in the Western Sierras. The only plus is that the days are so exhausting that Atlas might just be tired enough to forget that this was one of her dad’s favorite places in the world. Before cancer stole him from her life, that is. Using real names is forbidden on the trail. So Atlas becomes Maps, and with her team—Books, Sugar, Junior, and King—she heads into the wilderness. As she sheds the lies she’s built up as walls to protect herself, she realizes that four strangers might know her better than anyone has before. And with the end of the trail racing to meet them, Maps is left counting down the days until she returns to her old life—without her new family, and without King, who’s become more than just a friend.

What is ComicsPlus and how do I access it?

Did you know that the library offers a new e-resource called ComicsPlus that offers a wide selection of comics for people of all ages? Read my blog post below to learn more about how to access ComicsPlus and what it has to offer!

What are BingePasses on hoopla?

Are you the kind of person who enjoys binging content? Look no further. BingePasses offers 22 collections of streaming content. Each pass can be checked out for seven days at a time for unlimited streaming and only uses up one monthly checkout per Pass!

Loyally, Luke (Basham)

Sometimes love means embracing the good, the bad. . . and even the impossible. Dear Reader -- My name is Luke Edgewood, and there are few things in life that I require. Mainly black coffee. And flannel. And lots of solitude. And my dogs, Chewy and Indie. What I don't need is romance, so I have no plans to change my thirty-year-old bachelor status anytime soon. But my youngest sister thinks that by accepting a short-term construction job in the small European country of Skymar, that I'm going to follow along in her footsteps and discover my own romantic adventure. Nope. Bah humbug. The End. This time, her rom-com-movie senses are totally wrong. Or maybe not. Because I've met a Grace Kelly lookalike who is annoying. . . until she isn't. But she is impossible. As in, nothing can happen between us because she is a literal princess. Even though that's easy to forget when we're working together to restore a castle-like orphanage in a secluded mountain town and "forced proximity" includes a small closet, a secret one-hundred-year-old journal, and the tactile memory of an off-limits royal in my arms. Basically, the whole situation has turned into an ooey gooey magical snow globe of romantic tropes complete with cute kids and an actual ball. Now, even my sentences are starting to sound like mush. Ugh. Send high levels of testosterone my way--I'm going to need it. Loyally, Luke

Anything is Possible with your Library Card

A library card may be a simple piece of plastic, but it holds im­mense value and numerous benefits for those who possess it. It’s more than just a free pass to borrow books; it’s a gateway to a world of knowledge, entertainment, and personal growth. With the simple scan of a library card, you can learn a new lan­guage, start a small business, or even travel the world without leaving home. Honestly, anything is possible with your library card!


How-To: Navigate NoveList - Part 3: Book Club Resources

Have you ever considered forming a book club but didn't know where to get started? In this post, I will go over the Book Club Resources tab on NoveList and how it can help you identify potential reading group faves, figure out how to select your lineup of reads, and more! In this post, I will go over one of the many cool features that can be found in NoveList Plus that will help you navigate through hundreds of books to find the right one for you.

2023 Christy Awards

The Christy Awards are given each year to Christian fiction novels to honor "novels of excellence, imagination, and creativity." The award has been given since 1999, and is named for Catherine Marshall’s novel, "Christy". This year's finalists were recently announced, and they are: 

Book of the Year:

How-To: Navigate NoveList - Part 2: Genre Guides

Have you ever tried helping someone find books in a specific genre when it's not one you're familiar with? In this post, I will go over a resource called Genre Guides that NoveList has put together to help with just that! You will learn how to find a genre, limit the search by age range, and then find a well-rounded list of books and authors to recommend.

How do I gain access to thousands more items on Libby?

Have you ever searched for an eBook or audiobook in Libby, only to find that we didn't own it yet? Fear not! Thanks to the new Reciprocal Lending Agreement (RLA) made between ten different Michigan library cooperatives (including our own), patrons with a valid Chippewa River District Library card will now have access to thousands more titles!

Do you know about our tutorials?

Have you ever struggled to navigate any of the apps available through the library or had other technology-related questions when no one was available to help? Look no further! Our tech team has put together several simple-to-follow tutorials on various topics for you to watch and will hopefully teach you something new.