Timeless Series (Gabrielle Meyer)

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I read "When the Day Comes" last year and loved it so much, and have been anxiously awaiting the release of "In This Moment". Even though I knew I could read the second book without refreshing my memory on all the details from "When the Day Comes", I really wanted it to be fresh in my mind, and since I didn't have a lot of time, I decided listen to both of these titles back-to-back.  I am glad I "re-read" the first book, and I think I enjoyed it as much or more the second time as I did the first time.

In This Moment tells Maggie's story -- Maggie is the daughter of Libby, the main character from "When the Day Comes".  We know from the ending of "When the Day Comes" that Maggie is born with two markings, but we don't know what that means exactly, but right off the bat in this second book, we find out that instead of having 2 paths, Maggie lives in three different paths, 1861, 1941 and 2001.  

The way the author tells each of the storylines and ties everything together is amazing to me.  The whole premise of this series is so unique and I enjoy it a great deal. I love how she has picked timelines (in both books) that seem to have a lot in common -- in the first book, Libby is living on the cusp of the Revolutionary war and WWI.  In the second book, Maggie is living on the cusp of the Civil War, WWII and 911.  And, as the author's note points out, how interesting that these events all take place on years ending with the same digit (in both books).

There are things the reader finds out at the very end of this second book that indicate that Ms. Meyer really thought this entire premise through before writing these books and the more I think about some of these details, the more amazed I am. I cannot wait for book three to come out -- there better be a book three!! I am looking forward to seeing how she handles the "cliff-hanger" she left us with in book two.

If you like historical, split time with some "time travel", Christian fiction, I think this series is a must read ... I cannot recommend them enough.  These books are so good that I look forward to reading them over and over again!

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