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Three words, large enough to tip the world. I remember you.

I.....made a mistake when I picked up this book. Do you know anyone who always reads the last page of a book before actually starting it? If you didn't before, you do now. This has always been me. If I have a book physically in my hand, all of my self-restraint flies out the window and I hurriedly flip to the very last page and skim. The problem with this? #1 you spoil yourself and #2 you misunderstand what you read and go into the book thinking you know what's going to happen AND THEN YOU'RE COMPLETELY WRONG.

This is an excellent book. I knew that I enjoyed Schwab's writing since meeting Lila and Kell all those years ago and naturally her writing has gotten even better as she has continued to publish more books. What magic doesn't already come from the plot and the characters come from the way she crafts sentences and uses unique imagery. I especially felt that with this book. I was easily swept up into Addie's world--both her past and present lives. I loved seeing the different art pieces that were featured before different parts of the book that were crafted because of where she was during a certain place and time, even if those artists had no idea what or who it was that even prompted them to make each thing. The history and seeing her come back to the same places and seeing how they've changed year after year was so interesting, too.

But let's face it. Other than this story being about Addie and how she was "freely" and essentially invisibly, living through all of these hundreds of years, in all of these different countries, cities, and neighborhoods, this story was also about Henry and Luc.

**This next part contains spoilers so keep that in mind when reading**

You see, when I said I made a mistake going into this book, the mistake was that I thought she ended up skipping off into the proverbial sunset with Luc. I focused SO much on all of their interactions and relished the parts of the book where they had these moments together that I SWORE thought meant that they were forming some sort of deep love/hate (which..I mean...it essentially is still?? lol) feelings. Because of that, I knew that Henry wasn't officially Addie's endgame. I loved Henry, don't get me wrong, but I knew that he wasn't her final stop. And I love that she bargained once more for him to live the remainder of his life, free. I cried during those last few days they spent together. I  DIEDDDD when I found out he took her stories that were written down in his journals and turned them into the book. Like are you kidding me?! GENIUS. But when I got to those last few pages and found out she straight up planned on making Luc's life hell (l.o.l.) unless he sent her away and she was TRULY free?????? I. felt. absolutely. bamboozled. I....like??? Part of me still wants to believe that she does actually love him and even if she does spend eternity giving him the hell he deserves that they still have some sort of happy life together but knowing Addie, I'm sure she eventually gets her way and wiggles free from that final bargain and leaves Luc in the dust.


**End spoilers**

Sigh, lol. I couldn't stop thinking about the ending for HOURS after I finished so overall, I think I would say this is still an excellent book.


4 Stars

Worth the hype? SIGH, yes it really is, lol.



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