To Swoon and to Spar - The Regency Vows #4 (Waters)

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I was so excited to find out we were finally getting Penvale's story when this new addition to The Regency Vows story was announced. He always had delightful banter with his sister and was there to impart either sass or wisdom when his fellow friends were blind to their own feelings in the previous books. The fact that this featured a marriage of convenience and a fake haunting was really just a cherry on top.

Jane took a little bit to warm up to but once Penvale, and then us as the reader, found out that she came off as harsh and grumpy almost as a coping mechanism for being painfully shy I just wanted to give her a big hug. I get that. I get that. Watching her make plans to spook him out of his own ancestral house was hilarious and I loved the times when you could tell even she didn't know what was going on. I was giddy when there was any occasion when a bed was shared and watching them slowly come to understand one another and subsequently fall for each other was such a delight. I will always gobble up any and all further crumbs Waters decides to give us.

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