Switchboard Soldiers (Chiaverini)

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I really enjoyed this story about the women who went to France during WWI to work the switchboards.

I loved Chiaverini's "Elm Creek Quilts" series, but once she finished that series, she started writing straight up historical fiction.  I would venture a guess that if you gave a reader one of the Elm Creek Quilts books and then one of her historical fiction books and didn't tell them who the author was of either, they would think they were written by two different authors.  Her style definitely changed when she transitioned over to historical fiction, and I will admit that there have been a couple of the historical fiction titles that I haven't really liked. This one however, was a great read.  If you enjoy historical fiction, and like learning tidbits about history that aren't usually covered in the history books, I would recommend this title.

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