Same Time Next Summer (Monaghan)

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I finished this one in a few hours on my trip back to Michigan from Florida and was ABSOLUTELY obsessed with this summery second chance romance. Told in alternating present and flashback chapters, we follow Sam make her way back to her family's beach house with her fiance as they make wedding plans for later that year. It's apparent there is a reason why Sam has avoided the house, and the beach, but you don't immediately find out the why of it. And then....and then. Wyatt made his way back into the picture and I was gone. Sometimes in these situations, I still end up feeling bad for the current love interest/partner who is clearly going to wind up getting left in the dust but Sam's relationship with Jack didn't hold a freaking CANDLE to what she had had with Wyatt. I really enjoyed the flashbacks and seeing their romance unfold and seeing just how much the two loved each other.

I swear to God my entire body was pulsing and aching with all of the UST and my need for Sam and Wyatt to get back together. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND for this summer.

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