The Master Craftsman (Stuart)

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Fabergé eggs ... most of us have heard of them, but if you're like me, you probably don't know much about them.

The Fabergé Eggs were originally commissioned by Emperor Alexander III as a gift for his wife. The tradition was carried on by his son Nicholas II, who commissioned two each year -- one to be given to the dowager (his mother) and the second to be given to his wife.  These Imperial Eggs were a thing of beauty. Their construction was quite advanced for the time period -- each one had a hidden treasure inside, and they were very opulent.  

"The Master Craftsman" is split-time novel.  One timeline takes place in the early 1900's when Fabergé was creating his eggs and as the Russian Revolution was beginning. The second timeline is in modern day, where Ava Laine, daughter of Nick Laine, a famous treasure hunter, teams up with her estranged father (who is on his deathbed) to try to find the last missing Fabergé egg.  

Through twists and turns the reader experiences a bit of the turmoil in early 1900's Russia, and the intrigue and deceptions that Ava experiences as she tries to fulfil her father's dream of finding that last egg.  I really enjoyed this novel (which I listened to on audio through the Libby app). Near the end, as the pieces of the story were all falling into place and the characters were realizing the true treasure they all possessed, I was even almost moved to tears. I highly recommend this latest novel by author Kelli Stuart.

If you are interested in learning more about the Fabergé eggs, or would like to see images of some of them, I found this on their website: ttps://

"The Master Craftsman" is available in print, as an eAudiobook through Libby, and as an eBook in Hoopla.