The Lost Melody (Politano)

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Concert pianist Vivienne Mourdant's father has died, leaving her in charge of the care of a patient at Hurstwell Asylum ... a patient Vivienne didn't even know existed.  The asylum says Rose Swansea doesn't exist ... and never has.  In an effort to figure out who Rose is and why there are no records of her, Vivienne gets a job at the asylum under an assumed name, and then finds herself a being made a patient herself.  Can she find out what's really going on at the asylum and save herself and the help the other patients at the asylum?

Politano writes a great story.  There are times in the book where I really couldn't tell if Vivienne was being wrongly held, of if she was indeed insane.  The story is written such that you really start to question what you thought you knew about the characters -- the characters themselves start to question what they think they know!  

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Katrina Gormley