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“Getting what you want doesn't make you happy... Having doesn't make you happy: appreciating does; Happiness is more about appreciation than acquisition.”

I did it! I finished a book! I've been in a rough patch when it comes to reading. It seems like this summer has been so crazy busy and I've had less time and no good routine going. Throw in the fact I've been trying to write and chaos reigns in my free time.

After seeing the trailer for Netflix's adaptation of this book, I knew I wanted to read it before watching. I was able to snag the audio on Libby at the perfect time and that was probably my saving grace for being able to finish. When I did have open chunks of time to listen, I sped right on through this.

I felt like I really understood Helen. Unlike her, I'm still happily married BUT she was the same age as me and was married for as long as I have been. It was easy for me to put myself in her shoes and think about how easy it is to get complacent in life and forget how to be happy.

This book was a wake-up call in the sense that...it doesn't have to take much to find that happiness again. While it's not always going to be this simple or easy, sometimes all it can take is recounting positive things that happened in your day or, as the quote above says, appreciating what we already have in life instead of looking for the next best thing. That quote really stopped me in my tracks because ALL of us tend to do that in our everyday lives.

I absolutely loved watching Helen's growth and how Jake was there for her when she needed him most. While I would never, ever want to go on a hiking trip like that myself, it was fun watching it all unfold from her POV. :) I can't wait to watch the movie when it comes out tomorrow (7/28)!

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