Forget Me Not (Soto)

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Let us immediately get into why I am so utterly obsessed with this book that I'll probably end up buying a ton of copies and making sure every acquaintance, friend, and library patron who asks me for a romance recommendation knows about this book. #1 is obviously the writing. I went into this very curious to see if I could recognize her style from what she's done in fanfiction (she has written Reylo and Dramione) to a traditionally published work and I think her voice still shines through. Julie has a very specific brand of witty, hilarious banter, main characters that always seem to develop such DELICIOUS but also AGONIZING tension between them, a great supporting cast, and writing that quite honestly has the ability to take your breath away. I highlighted a TON of lines which hasn't happened to me in a while.

Second reason why I loved this book so much? Ama and Elliot. Naturally. They both might be flawed, as normal human beings are, and especially those that have unusual upbringings in the form of your mom being married and divorced over 10 times. I thought that Ama was a super relatable character, one that any number of readers could see themselves in, for so many different reasons. Elliot was indeed a grump but a sweet, caring grump that made the most beautiful structures and creations with flowers and got tattoos of the ones that are rare. I loved seeing their interactions from the past through Elliot's eyes and I actually thought it was genius that we got his POV from before and Ama's while in the present. Most of all, I loved how the two of them worked together and in working together, they brought out the best in the other person. If that's not ROMANCE, I don't know what is.

To wrap this review up, I will say that if you ARE a Dramione fan reading this, especially one who has read her Rights and Wrongs series and has listened to the podcast and been around on Discord or her Facebook group--so basically DEEP in this world with Juls, Mar, and Cat--there will be a few little things that will make you snicker because they will remind you of things that have been said or joked about before and that made this story all the more special to me, honestly. I am SO, so happy that Julie was able to publish original work that we can actually pay her for and I hope that she continues on to give us so much more. HIGHLY recommend this one.

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