Brooklynaire - Brooklyn #1, Brooklyn Bruisers #4 (Bowen)

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“Everything worthwhile is complicated.”

The first time I read this series I made the "mistake" of reading them all out of order.  Now, I should mention that they don't HAVE to be read in order, but I just so happened to read the next book in the series first so I had seen the main couple of this book, Rebecca and Nate, already together and had gotten snippets of their story.  Of course it wasn't a spoiler that the two ended up together, but I do prefer to go into romances with next to no information on the story of how they fall in love.  That ruins the fun and is the entire point of reading one of these, isn't it?

Anyway, on to me flailing about how much I love Rebecca and Nate.  At this point I have been reading hockey romances for YEARS and it's hilarious because this past season is the first time I've EVER watched an NHL game (LGRW).  That being said, this book is more about characters that play an important roll in the behind the scenes of what it takes to run a professional sports team and not the actual players themselves.  Nate is the newest owner of the Brooklyn Bruisers and is a billionaire genius.  Rebecca is his office manager and has worked with him since he started his very first tech company and made it big.  She's been there for him from the beginning and after she has an accident on the ice and injures herself, it's his turn to look after her.  Who DOESN’T love a good Hero taking care of Heroine storyline?!

What I enjoy about these kinds of friends-to-lovers stories, especially those that have a duel POV like this one, is that you can get inside both of their heads and know that both of them feelings for each other, even if one or both of them are TOTALLY oblivious to that fact.  I wont lie, it can also be frustrating but then it's so satisfying when they both make their declarations of love to one another.  These two especially, seeing as you see snippets of them dancing around each other's feelings in the previous books (if you read them in order that is, lol).

The thing I love most about ALL of Sarina Bowen's books is that by the end, you feel like you know the characters like they were some of your very own best friends.  Most of them aren't even blood related and yet they would drop anything for one another at any given moment and that has always been really important for me.  The romance is good.  The friendships are good.  The hockey is good.  Definitely check this series out!

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