Arch-Conspirator (Roth)

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"I'm here to see Parth," I said. "Antigone sent me."
"That girl's nothing but trouble,"
 she said.
I smiled a little. "I like her just fine."
"Then you're nothing but trouble, either. Come in."

Ever since Veronica Roth came to speak at CMU a few months ago she has been back on my radar in full force. I got my hands on a copy of Poster Girl which I still have been dying to read and when I saw Arch-Conspirator was out and remembered it was only a novella, I snatched it up. For those of you who didn't know, this is a sci-fi/dystopian-esque retelling of the Greek tragedy, Antigone. Had I remembered what that was about? Nope. Did I do a quick Google search before diving in? Naturally. All that to say you really don't need to know what it's about in order for this to have an impact on you. I think this has a much more hopeful ending than Antigone but that could also just be me wishing for a future that *could* be there but probably, most likely, isn't. I'll let you all decide for yourselves. 

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