American Wonders Series (Regina Scott)

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I have listened to the first two books in this series, and enjoyed them both a great deal. I was a little more than disappointed when I realized that the final book in the series is not yet available as an audiobook on Hoopla ... I hope it becomes available soon as I'd like to finish out the series.

Although these books are part of a series, they really are stand-alone novels that can be read individually. Each book takes place in a different National Park and each book has totally different characters.

"A Distance Too Grand" takes place in the Grand Canyon, and follows the story of Meg Pero, who, although she is a woman, is also a photographer, but of course, due to the time period, she has to fight to be able to do what she loves.

"Nothing Short of Wondrous" takes place in Yellowstone, and follows the story of Kate Tremaine, a widow who runs a hotel in the park and has a fierce love for the nature surrounding her.

I really look forward to listening to "A View Most Glorious" that tells the story of Coraline Baxter and her adventure climbing Mt. Rainier.

The author does a wonderful job of not only telling a story that has the reader rooting for the lead female character to show the men who question if she can, that she indeed can, while at the same time realizing that she can also have love in her life.  The author's descriptions of the national parks and the scenery make you almost feel like you are there, and definitely make you want to visit.

This series is available in print through CRDL.  Book 1 is available as an eBook in Overdrive/Libby.  All three titles are available as eBooks and in eAudio format in Hoopla. (Only the first two books are currently available in audio format.)

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