Library of Things

CRDL Chromebook

The Acer Chromebooks are small, lightweight laptops available to CRDL Patrons. They are available for use inside the library, including private study rooms. The Chromebooks are configured for patrons to surf the web, participate in virtual web meetings, and use Google's office suite software.

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Korg MA-1 Metronome

The Korg MA-1 is a compact metronome that solidly covers all the basics with a broad tempo range and a rich variety of beats. It shows the beat in an innovative way that makes practicing easier. Its stylish design and reliable functionality make it an indispensable rhythm training aide.


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C-Pen ReaderPen

The C-Pen ReaderPen is a convenient portable tool to support independent reading and literacy. Scan text with this state-of-the-art device to have words read out with natural speaking voices and defined with highest tier dictionaries in an instant.

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