Westinghouse Portable Power Station

Westinghouse Portable Power Station

The Westinghouse iGen200s Portable Power Station is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. You can charge up to 6 devices at one time with its (2) 120V household outlets, (1) USB port, (1) quick charge USB port, (1) USB-C port, (1) 6mm 9-12V DC outlet, (1) 12V cigarette lighter outlet. Strong enough to power a 50” LED TV, humidifier, or refrigerator. It delivers 194 Watt-hours of Li-Ion battery capacity—enough to charge smartphones up to 21 times.

Charge the Portable Power Station to 80 percent in less than 4 hours using a household outlet or less than 5 hours in the car.


· Versatile Outlets

· 3 Mode Lighting

· LED Data Center

· Overload Protection

· Short Circuit Protection

· Automatic Voltage Regulation

· 4.03 lbs

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· Portable Power Station

· Cable Accessory Bag

                 > AC Adapter

                 > DC Adapter

                 > Cigarette Lighter Plug

May require charging before use.