Stud Finder

Stud Finder

The Zircon StudSensor A100 is a handheld tool dedicated to quickly and efficiently finds the edges of studs and alerts you of live AC wiring. The A100 comes equipped with 2 scanning modes: StudScan and DeepScan.

The easy-to-read screen will alert you as the stud detector approaches the edge of the stud. Once the edge is detected, the patented arrow-shaped SpotLite Pointer will shine, the translucent base will illuminate, and an audio tone will sound. DO NOT DRILL HERE! Instead, mark the spot in the “V’ marker groove at the head of the tool and continue past the stud. Repeat the process in the opposite direction and mark the opposite edge of the stud. The center of the stud is midway between the two marks.

The center of the stud center is the stud's most secure location. It is critical to drill in the center when mounting heavy objects.


· WireWarning Detection

· Patented “Over the Stud” Indicator

· SpotLite Pointing System

· Finds wood and metal studes up to 3/4” deep

· DeepScan mode doubles scanning depth to 1 1/2”

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· Stud Finder

· 9v Battery

· Instruction Sheet

Instructional Guide