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Beauty Among Ruins (Ciesielski)

A wonderful story of a young woman trying to grow up and find her own way in the world despite the fact that what she wants out of life, isn’t in line with what her parents think she should want, as a young debutante in America.

Middlemarch (Eliot)

I think fans of Jane Austen would enjoy Middlemarch by George Eliot. (confession time … I only recently learned that George Eliot is a pseudonym for a woman, Mary Ann Evans, #ThingsIFeelLikeIShouldHaveLearnedInHighSchoolButDidn’t).

A Dance in Donegal (Deibel)

Moira Doherty decides to fulfill her mother’s wish and move to Ireland, her mother’s homeland, and become a teacher in her mother’s home village. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s going to be met with suspicion and a hint of family scandal.

The Lost Manuscript (Bonidan)

While staying on the Brittany coast of France, Anne-Lise finds a manuscript in her hotel room night stand. She reads it and loves it.

Sunflower Sisters (Kelly)

The storyline of this novel revolves around the Civil War and the issue of slavery and is probably the first book I’ve read that presents it from not only the perspective of a slave (Jemma), but also a family of staunch abolitionists (The Woolsey's).