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If you enjoy listening to podcasts and you enjoy reading Christian Historical Fiction, you should head on over to the Christian Historical Fiction Talk podcast, hosted by author Liz Tolsma.  This weekly podcast covers everything from Biblical fiction to Christian historical fiction that takes place up through the Vietnam War era.  Tolsma keeps listeners up-to-date on what's soon to hit shelves, hosts authors and discusses other topics of interest to Christian historical fiction readers.  I have been enjoying listening to this podcast, which is a nice alternative for the days when I don't feel like listening to my current audiobook.  Thanks to this podcast, I have also been introduced to several new authors and have added many more titles to my to-be-read list (as if I needed to add any ...) 

The Christian Historical Fiction Talk podcast can be found on most any podcasting platform, and can also be listened to on your computer by visiting their webpage.

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