Chippewa River District Library System Celebrates 25 Years

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Chippewa River District Library will host a 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Veterans Memorial Library on Saturday, May 20, 2023.


CRDL has been the space to learn, meet, and explore for the past quarter century. Our wide range of materials, resources, and programs has served our community members on their literacy and lifelong learning path.


"This anniversary is a significant milestone," said CRDL Library Director Corey Friedrich. "It allows us to look at CRDL's past and anticipate the future of continuing to provide exceptional library services to our communities. We thank everyone who has continued to support us and look forward to serving our communities for the next 25 years."


In 1997 voters approved the millage to form the Chippewa River District Library System, which included the City of Mount Pleasant, the Mount Pleasant Public School System, Union Township, Coe Township, Fremont Township, and Rolland Township. On May 20, 1998, the Library of Michigan officially recognized the Chippewa River District Library system as a legally established district library.


Since its formation, CRDL has expanded its services, technology, and collections. This includes adding an eBook collection in 2010, a Library of Things in 2017, the MyLibro App in 2022, and more.


The free resources offered through CRDL encourage early literacy, help support students, provide internet services to those who don't have access at home, and more.


"We feel it is essential for people to have access to free resources that could improve their lives," said Friedrich. "Whether it be for education, to gather information, or for entertainment purposes, we hope that our communities see the positive effects the library system has within our communities."


CRDL will be hosting special events this year to commemorate its 25th anniversary. Community members can visit to find out more.

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